CHAMBER OF SONGS: The Lied’s reckless little sister

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The Lied\’s reckless little sister
Three Sunday matinées: 18 and 25 October and 1st November at 16:00
Mogens Dahl Concert Hall
The classic solo song, accompanied by piano – the Lied – has a little sister: the ensemble singing accompanied by piano. Soloists from Mogens Dahl Chamber Choir highlights this charming girl with three concerts that mixes solo songs with duets and quartets. The three programs will focus on, respectively, German, Scandinavian and Latin songs.
Anne Aaen, Marianne Lund, Christiane Højlund, Karin Norrinder, Adam Riis, Emil Lykke, Torsten Nielsen and Jens Brückner, Bente Vist, Hilda Gjermundsen, Jane Bertelsen, Jakob Holtze Johansen, David Wijkman, Pernille Madsen, Henriette Elimar, Mads Elung-Jensen Johan Bogren,
Søren Rastogi, Berit Johansen Tange and Carol Conrad