CD: ’Cello Libris’ – With Toke Møldrup and Mogens Dahl Kammerkor

CD: ’Cello Libris’ BIS 2020. Med Toke Møldrup og Mogens Dahl Kammerkor.

All credit is due to the Mogens Dahl Chamber Choir for its super diction in English, allowing us to relish the subtleties of Gordon’s writing […]

The demands on the performers are many: The control of the sopranos at times is stunning, their lines always delivered with the utmost purity. […]

The choral setting enables an appreciation of Gordon’s harmonic world from a different sonic perspective: listen to the sheer sonic gold of the line “Where Beauty cannot keep her lustrous eyes,” for example. […]

Expertly recorded in May 2018 at the Concert Hall of the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen by Viggo Mangor […] the clarity and warmth of the choir is especially notable.