Nordic Mass in the Dome of Lund, Sweden

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Mogens Dahl Chamber Choir
Cello: Toke Møldrup
Conductor: Mogens Dahl
Mogens Dahl Chamber Choir presents Sven-David Sandström’s pioneering work NORDIC MASS in both Denmark and Sweden. The work celebrates Easter in its tribute to life and nature’s overwhelming greatness. At the centre is the individual human being’s search for meaning in the moments of closeness in everyday life, and in the sun light that suddenly breaks through a winter-dark sky.
Mogens Dahl Chamber Choir has presented their audience with a series of major works of church music in the popular Easter concerts. A selection of this music can be found on the critically acclaimed CD SACRED NORTH; also NORDIC MASS / NORDISK MESSE is now available n a CD from ExLibris.
On this occasion the choir is expanded to 18 singers.
Toke Møldrup will contribute to the work’s special timbre with his cello’s warmth. This young Danish cello phenomenon is solo cellist in Copenhagen Phil at teaches at the Royal Danish Conservatory. His resume already includes concerts at Carnegie Hall, Wigmore Hall and Konzethaus Berlin.

Sven-David Sandström (f1942): Nordic Mass
Agnus Dei