Cancelled – Händels Messiah

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Friday 11 December at 7.30 pm



Mogens Dahl Chamber Choir

Orchestra of The Age of Enlightenment

Soprano: Camilla Tilling

Alt: Benno Schachtner

Tenor: Marc Padmore

Bass: Gordon Bintner

Conductor: Mogens Dahl


Georg Friedrich Händel (1685-1759):

Messiah, Oratorio in three parts



Mogens Dahl’s 13th version of the Danish people’s preferred Christmas music

Mogens Dahl Chamber Choir is a unique, international choir project which moves beyond artistic and organisational traditions. And when the choir plunges into their 13th interpretation of Händel’s immortal oratorio ‘Messiah’, the aim is to create a unique concert that lives up to all the previous performances.

As the years have passed, Mogens Dahl Chamber Choir has exercised an increasingly firmer grip on their personal interpretation of Händel’s masterpiece Messiah. The London ensemble Orchestra of The Age of Enlightenment has been the ideal contributor to the international project that has presented the Copenhagen audience to a version of the oratorio, which is both modern while, at the same time, true to Händel.