Dream songs – Golden Days Concert

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  • Jonas Frølund: Improvised fanfare
  • Henry Purcell: Music for a While
  • Jørgen Jersild: Natteregn & Min Yndlingsdal
  • Per Nørgård: Drømmesange
  • Igor Stravinsky: Three Pieces for Clarinet Solo
  • Svend S. Schultz: Gensyn med Danmark
  • Toru Takemitsu: Rain Tree (performed by Mathias Reumert Group)
  • Anna Cederberg-Orreteg: Music to hear, Sonet 8
  • Wilhelm Stenhammer: Tre a cappella Korsange



Mogens Dahl Kammerkor
Mathias Reumert Group, percussion
Jonas Frølund, clarinet
Dirigent: Mogens Dahl

Between the streetlights, on the subway, in front of the screens. A leaf being tossed by the wind in front of the window, the scent of freshly cut grass, a glance that reminds you of someone from your hometown. Daydreaming begins and takes shape in the city’s fog. The starry sky is lit up over the field, and at long last, calm sets in.

In just a few generations, we have gone from the countryside to the city, but the countryside is still a fixed part of our identity and dreams. It permeates our culture and, like the dandelion, continues to break through the asphalt of modern life.

At the concert, Mogens Dahl Chamber Choir, Mathias Reumert Group, and Jonas Frølund will close their eyes in the company of the audience and surrender themselves to the dream, memories, and realities of life in the countryside.

The journey goes from St. St. Blicher’s “My Favorite Valley” to Johannes V. Jensen’s strong longing for his homeland in Himmerland. J.P. Jacobsen’s naturalism and man’s profound connection to nature are explored in Wilhelm Stenhammer’s “Three A Cappella Choral Songs.” An enchanting tree reminds us of the passage of time when raindrops fall meditatively from the tree’s small, moist leaves, as Mathias Reumert Group performs Toru Takemitsu’s “Rain Tree.”

The central work of the concert is Per Nørgård’s “Dømmesange” (Dream Songs) for choir and percussion, composed in 1981, where three aspects of the same dream are unfolded, based on an older Chinese text.

The dream of the countryside is never unambiguous. It is both changeable, individual, and collective. So close your eyes and make room for dreams of the countryside on September 4th.